Eucalyptus Radiata

From the Greek eu, meaning well, and calyptos, hidden cover, referring to its botanical particularity: even after flowering, the stamens of the flowers remain enclosed in the chalice.

There are a multitude of eucalyptus species (about 600) and eucalyptus radiata is known for its benefits against respiratory diseases. Its vast forests have given Australia the nickname of “the land of blue fogs”. Similarly, they are sometimes referred to in our climates as “blue gum trees”. Used for multiple medicinal purposes by Australian Aborigines, eucalyptus was also used until the end of the 19th century to dry out swampy areas in subtropical regions. Tropical fevers such as Malaria have been eradicated. The nickname “fever tree” continues to be used in some parts of Italy.

Indications : 

Oily coughs / Viral diseases, flu, and all respiratory infections / Allergies / Immune deficiencies / Acne and skin problems / Chronic fatigue and lack of concentration

Synergies :

– For a more effective expectorant action, combine with essential oils of Rosemary cineole, Savintsara or wild pine.

– For an antiviral action, combine with essential oils of Ravintsara or Niaouli.

– For a purifying and antibacterial action, combine with essential oils of Clove or Tea tree.


It takes about 50kg of leaves to obtain 1kg of essential oil.