Evening Primerose Precious Oil



The Story :


Evening primrose is a herbaceous plant that can measure between 1 and 2 metres in height. She has many nicknames: “Evening Primrose”, “Adhan Flower”, “Night Beauty”. Once flowered, it is adorned with a beautiful yellow colour and attracts bees, butterflies and even some birds such as finches and chickadees.

This plant has the particularity of opening its flowers only at nightfall and fading at dawn, hence its nicknames. It is native to North America, where it was already used by the Amerindians. It arrived in Europe in the 18th century and is now found in particular on the Atlantic coast of France. It appreciates sandy and rocky soils, and grows on slopes and sand dunes.

Evening primrose is found in the wild but also in culture, because its seed is rich in multiple properties. It is recommended for its benefits on the female hormonal system, its moisturizing and anti-wrinkle properties.








Our Vegetable Oil :



Description: Evening primrose oil is an oil extremely rich in essential fatty acids, omegas, linoleic acid, vitamins and minerals. These components make it an ideal and particularly effective anti-ageing treatment. Our evening primrose oil is extracted from seeds carefully harvested by our partners in China, it is pale yellow in colour and has a sweet and very specific smell.





Properties :

  • Regenerating
  • Prevents skin ageing
  • Promotes the regeneration of the epidermis
  • Soothes and protects sensitive skin










Uses :



Face and neck:

Apply a few drops evenly to the entire face and eye area.







Tips :



To be used as an Anti-Ageing lotion. Put 2 drops of Carrot essential oil with 5 drops of evening primrose oil. Massage the face in the evening with a few drops of this lotion. Evening primrose oil softens and regenerates the skin.