Essential Oils :


Essential oils are used for the well-being they provide, they are concentrates of efficiency and pleasure for a better well-being and a better life.

Botanical Family : Lauraceae
Distilled parts : Leaves
Origin : Madagascar
Organic Essential Oil

Cinnammon Leaf Organic Essential Oil

Cinnammon Leaf from Madagascar

The Cinnamon Tree is a tropical tree 10 to 15 meters high. Its evergreen leaves are oblong of a beautiful bright green, and have three characteristic parallel veins. We have carefully selected the best extracts of this tree in Madagascar, one of its original lands. Its oil is spicy and close to that of cloves.

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Organic products
Organic products
  • Stimulate natural defences
Uses advices

In infusion: To stimulate the immune system. It also has detoxifying properties.

To do this, mix 3 to 4 drops in a litre of warm, non-boiling water. Indeed, water that is too hot would tend to evaporate the essential oil too quickly. This is why it is important to dilute the essential oil in honey or on a sugar cube which you will then add in warm water. Once your preparation is done, you can enjoy your tea for a moment of relaxation, at any time of the day.

X: Do not use in cosmetic application, cinnamon leaf essential oil is dermo-caustic (High concentration of Phenols)

X: Not to be diffused (Strong cocentration of Phenols) 

You can also refer to specific books or specialized sites to discover other ways to use your essential oils.


Precaution of use

Precautions :

  • Do not use on Children under 7 years of age.
  • Do not use in case of moral depression or asthenia.
  • Do not use on people allergic to essential oils.
  • Consult a physician for any therapeutic indication or oral treatment.
  • Never inject essential oils intravenously or intramuscularly and do not combine them with drug treatments without medical advice.
  • In case of doubts or questions, do not hesitate to ask your doctor for advice.
  • Do not leave essential oil bottles within the reach of children.

To preserve :

  • The recommended storage period for the direct consumption of essential oils, especially in infusion, is two years.
  • For any other use, essential oils are still as effective after five or six years.

Cinnamomum zeylanicum (cinnamom) leaf oil, eugenol*, benzyl benzoate*, linalool*, cinnamal*, limonene*.
*Allergènes naturellement présents / Allergens naturally present
Dangereux. Respecter les précautions d’emploi. Dangerous. Comply with precautions for use.

Contient/Contains: eugenol, alpha-pinene, linalool, cinnamaldehyde. Peut provoquer une allergie cutanée / May cause an allergic skin reaction. Provoque une sévère irritation des yeux / Causes serious eye irritation. Susception d’induire des anomalies génétiques / Suspected of causing genetic defects. Peut provoquer le cancer / May cause cancer.



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