Everlasting or Helichrysum

Everlasting is perennial plant typical of the Mediterranean region, living on arid and sunny soils. Also called Italian Helichrysum, it is characterized by its silvery soft needle-shaped leaves arranged on a stem covered with a light down, and especially by its small golden yellow flowers that do not fade and grouped into capitulum.

Its name comes from the Greek helios, Greek personification of the sun and light and chrysos, gold, in reference to the colours of its leaves. Italicum comes from the Latin “italicus”; it was first described in Italy. The immortal is not a recently discovered medicinal plant, since it was already appreciated in Greco-Roman times. Apollo, god of arts, healings and purifications, was sometimes depicted wearing a tiara of immortals.

The golden yellow small-flowered plant is described as one of the most advanced in the plant kingdom. This one, measuring 30 to 50 centimetres, grows in tuft on sandy, uncultivated and rocky soils and needs only sunlight. Its name of “Immortal” is said to be due to the exceptional longevity of its flowers, even dried ones.

Known as an antihaematoma and very powerful anticoagulant, this oil is used for the care of bruises and blows, to help blood circulation (rosacea), firm tissues and facilitate healing.

Indications :

Haematomas and strokes / Blood circulation problems / Joint pains such as Arthritis, rheumatism, etc. / Eczema, psoriasis, wounds / Skin ageing, dermatoses, scars and stretch marks

Synergies :

For a very effective anti-inflammatory blend combine Helichrysum essential oil with the essential oil of Coated Wintergreen and/or Lemon Eucalyptus.

Combine with an essential oil of fine Lavender to treat dermatoses and offer a soothing skin care.

In order to optimize its virtues on blood circulation, combine this essential oil with that of Juniper or Niaouli.