Black Spruce From Canada

A small conifer with a pyramidal and bushy habit, it is one of the most resistant conifers to the harsh and cold climate and can be found as far north as the boreal forest.

It lives on the mountain slopes of Canada and Alaska and grows on dry, acidic, sandy soils to wet bogs. Its name comes from the Latin “spina” “thorn”. The American Indians worshipped Spruce and used it in spiritual rituals and in their medicine as a respiratory detoxifier. It is sometimes called picea nigra or black spruce. Its very resistant wood is used for carpentry.

The fruits resemble dark purple pine cones, its branches are rough and its bark flaky.

Indications :

Muscular rheumatism / Immune system failure / Immuno-depression / Hyperthyroidism / Skin and intestinal parasites / Temporary fatigue

Synergies :

– In case of fatigue, combine with pine essential oil.


It takes about 100kg of needles to obtain 1kg of essential oil.