Atlas Cedar

Cedar is a broad conifer that can reach 40 metres in height and lives from 100 to several thousand years. The colour of its wood is grey-brown and its evergreen needles are blue-green.

Cedrus comes from the Arabic “kedron” which means strength. The Greek “Kedros” refers to conifers.

In biblical times, this tree was a symbol of strength, dignity and courage. Majestic and powerful, it is often cited as immortal because it is rotproof due to the presence of insect repellent and fungicide molecules that protect it. These are the latter that are found in its essential oil. A symbol of immortality, cedar has been used for centuries to build ships, palaces and furniture for ancient civilizations in the Middle East.

The Celts, on the other hand, used cedar resin to embalm the heads of their most noble enemies. As for the Egyptians, they used this wood to make sarcophagi and its essential oil to embalm the dead.

Indications :

Coughs, colds, gripes / Skin disorders and dermatoses / Oily skin and hair / Cellulite / Nerve tension

Synergies :

– To purify the atmosphere of one or more rooms, combine with essential oils of citrus fruits or lavender.

– To repel insects and mosquitoes, use it in combination with essential oils of citronella and rose geranium.

– For cellulite, combine with essential oils of lemon or grapefruit.

– Very effective with lavender essential oil for scalp care

Yield :

It takes about 35kg of bark to obtain 1kg of essential oil.